Chickano’s was established in 2011. It saw the amalgamation of experience, creativity and innovation from its two founding partners Mo & Suhail. Both partners were unimpressed with what the market had to offer and became focused on delivering deliciously addictive food in vibrant surroundings.

Chickano’s food is hugely popular because it’s simply brilliant! Fresh ingredients, prepared using our perfected techniques and served with our exclusive range of signature sauces and marinades. Chickano’s offers a simple yet diverse menu; chicken fillet burgers, premium hand made gourmet beef burgers, wraps, salads, fried chicken and a range of grilled chicken products. Alongside the core menu an array of innovative new products are frequently introduced to excite our customers taste buds and invigorate store sales.

Today, Chickano’s operates from 5 stores and sets the benchmark in quality, service, and excellent overall customer experience. All outlets are posting exceptional sales and profitability. We are now carefully selecting franchisees from individuals and companies who share our passion for the Chickano’s brand. Our franchisees must have great people skills; they must be excellent communicators, be very ambitious, work to build great teams and possess leadership qualities that motivate all around them. Once on board, our franchisees receive dedicated support and commitment. Our aim is to deliver resounding success. It’s this success that makes Chicano’s franchisees our loudest advocates and brand ambassadors.

Chickano’s Family depends completely on the success of our franchisees. Our whole focus is centred around supporting these franchisees, that’s why were determined to provide all the support at our discretion to make each and every franchise another Chickano’s success story.


9 out of 10 franchised businesses succeed

44,200 Franchise units employ over 621,000 people in the UK – an increase of 70% in the last 10 years

Franchising contributes £15.1 Billion to the UK economy – an increase of 46% in the last 10 years

There are 901 business format franchise systems in the UK

97% of franchisees reported profitability in 2015

In business for yourself, but not by yourself


1. Use of our recognised and respected Chickano’s brand

2. A dedicated store territory

3. Professional and comprehensive training covering all key aspects of owning and operating a Chickano’s outlet

4. Support throughout your store build

5. Ongoing training, branding and marketing support

6. Personalised store consultancy on key store operations; help with compliance matters such as health & safety, food hygiene, HR, and other important operational effectiveness

7. Benefit from our continuous product innovation and brand building commitments



Having the right franchisees is crucial to our business. That’s why we are very selective on who we choose to operate a Chickano’s outlet. Franchisees must be able to work with the management of Chickano’s and share the passion for this brand. We view franchising as a partnership, hence choosing the right partners is of paramount importance.

The list below outlines some of the key attributes we look for in our franchisees:

  • Some retail experience, preferably in the food industry
  • Team management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ambitious and self-motivated
  • Hard working and committed


“Chickano’s is our story. A story of success through hard work, determination and commitment. We’ve spent years in shaping a business that delivers great revenue, profitability, teamwork and above all else exceptional customer satisfaction. It’s our pride and joy, we love our Chickano’s and we now invite you to enjoy our success!”
Mo & Suhail, Founding Directors

“I have over 20 years of foodservice logistics experience behind me, and have been serving the needs of the exisiting Chickano’s outlets effectively. I am committed to sourcing and distributing the highest quality products at competitive prices to all future Chickano’s franchises.”
Ajaz Hussain, Supply Chain Director

“A strong franchise business should offer unique exciting products delivered via a successfully proven method. The business should expect sustained development, innovation and improvements. Consolidation and growth should be achieved through a vibrant and exciting customer experience.  The franchisee should feel like an integral part of the network, relying on a proven methodology to encourage aspirations and opportunities.  Support and training should allow the business to excel in its industry and set exceptional standards in customer satisfaction. Chickano’s  can offer you all of this, and could well provide you a path towards your franchising success.”
Sajad Hussain, Managing Director



Chickano’s family have engaged the services of a leading UK franchise mapping company to undertake a detailed demographic study of their customer base, and carefully selected franchise territories throughout the United Kingdom. We have ensured that all territories are balanced and contain a carefully crafted demographic mix. You will be provided with a list of available territories in the region of your choice (subject to availability). We will provide you with a very detailed demographic profile outlining your potential customer base in your territory.


Grab your Chickano’s Franchise

Property Criteria
Chickano’s Family recommend the following criteria’s when searching for potential sites:

Store Floor Area
Minimum area of 1000 sq.ft with a frontage of 15ft
Obtain all local authority planning requirements to operate a Quick Service Restaurant
Location Requirements
Ample car parking, excellent footfall area, three phase electric supply, within allocated territory and must have a minimum of a 5 year lease
Typical Opening Hours
11:00am to 11:00pm (Sun–Thurs)
11:00am to 02:00am (Fri-Sat)



Operational Support

At Chickano’s we employ a dedicated franchise operations team of experts who with their wealth of experience and knowledge will support you in your franchise. Successful applicants will be appointed with a local franchise consultant who will assist you with meeting all legislative requirements, improving your operational effectiveness and making efficiencies by implementing best practices.

Training Program

Chickano’s will provide you with a very thorough training programme before you open your outlet. The training will be both theoretical and practical. You will be expected to attend classroom, test kitchen and existing store real life training sessions.

  • Up to 5 days classroom training
  • Up to 5 days test kitchen training
  • Up to 21 days instore training

Dream Team

The Dream Team is a group of very specialised individuals who will be with you in the initial launch of your franchise. These individuals will work side by side with your staff during the opening weeks of your franchise venture. They will reinforce everything your staff have learnt during their training period with us. The Dream Team will ensure that your opening period goes as smoothly as possible. The Dream Team will only leave when we feel that you and your staff are completely ready to take on the running of your business on your own (up to 4 weeks of operations).





At Chickano’s, we understand each store varies in size, its shape, location, look and feel. This is why we provide a bespoke tailor designed solution for each of our outlets. With the help of a leading design and shopfitting company, we will help you to create a store that meets all the expectations a Chickano’s store demands.

Our current new store designs have started in our Leeds outlet and will be shared with all new franchisees and exisiting stores



We are marketing led

At Chickano’s, we never underestimate the need for effective marketing. Our marketing strategy is built all around building our brand. Over the years we have seen this brand grow and witnessed its ascent in terms of strength dominance.

Our marketing

  • In-store menus
  • Branded packaging
  • Branded promotional products
  • Promotional flyers
  • Special offer leaflets
  • Local press adverts
  • Billboard advertising
  • Local radio
  • Competitions
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • Social media presence


The Franchise Inquiry

Once you have registered your interest, a franchise brochure will be sent to you.

Invitation to attend our initial meeting

You will be asked to sign a letter of confidentiality at this meeting. We will explain to you how our business operates. We will discuss your interest in owning a Chickano’s franchise. We will also go through our introductory presentation with you. An advisor will guide you through our Franchise Application Form. We will also introduce you to our Letter of Intent and discuss the terms of deposits. You will also have an opportunity to ask us questions you may have regarding the franchising package.

You will not be required to make any deposit payments at this stage, and there will be no commitments made at this meeting by either party.

Second Meeting

In this meeting you will be provided with confidential information which you can take with you to discuss with your solicitor, accountants and trusted professionals. You are not committed to take the franchise at this stage. We will discuss our franchise agreement with you as well as the financial model and territories.

Third Meeting

In this meeting we will prepare the Letter of Intent for signing, take your deposit, agree a date for the signing of the franchise agreement, arrange dates for training and welcome you as our new franchisee.

Site Approval

Franchise Agreement

At Chickano’s each application is carefully reviewed in order for us to recruit the most suitable, like minded people who share our values and determination to succeed. Our success relies completely on our people, and so we choose our team with great care and consideration. Your previous experiences, background, expertise, and skills will all be considered when we make our decision. We look for individuals who have strong entrepreneurial skills, and who understand the strengths of working with a leading, proven business strategy. Once selected our head office will of course be committed to supporting your business with skill and prowess.



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